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WE ARE OPEN but due to COVID-19 our office will be providing ALL services by APPOINTMENT ONLY.
Please contact our office to book an appointment.

Located 1 block east from the corner of Dysart and McDowell
Right after Fry’s Market in Avondale, AZ | CALL 623-232-0623




AS YOU IN Avondale


Estrella Mountain Eye Care - Your Dedicated Optometrists in Avondale, Arizona

Estrella Mountain Eye Care is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive eye exams for adults and children throughout Avondale. We handle everything from eye emergencies, to treatment of eye diseases like glaucoma and cataracts and co-management of eye surgery such as LASIK.

We specialize in all contact lenses, especially hard-to-fit contact lenses and multifocals. We also have a large selection of frames for you to choose from, with styles, brands, and colors to suit every face and preference.

Estrella Mountain Eye Care is proud to serve the residents of Avondale, Arizona and surrounding areas.


Choosing your eyewear is more than just about vision; it's about making a statement about who you are.


Our Eyecare Services In Avondale, Arizona


3 Things That Make Avondale Eye Doctor's Unique

Ensuring crisp and clear vision is only one part of first-rate eye care. Our eye care professionals focus on the long-term health of your eyes and vision.

If you experience any eye emergency, contact us immediately. We are here to help. Please call our Avondale eye care center: 623-845-1400.

Using the latest in optometric technology, we inspect your eyes thoroughly with a full eye exam for precise diagnoses and treatment.

Why Does Bono Always Wear His Signature Shades?

Ever wonder why rock superstar Bono wears sunglasses, even when indoors? It's not due to his "look", but rather is related to managing his glaucoma.

What You Should Know About Eye Herpes

Eye herpes can cause several uncomfortable symptoms and recurring flare-ups. In extreme cases, it can lead to blindness. Discover how your eye doctor can help.

Are You Susceptible To Vision Loss?

Many factors contribute to vision loss, some of which may even be relevant to you. Read on to learn what puts a person at risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases, and discover what an eye doctor can do to help.

How Sleep Apnea Affects The Eyes

Sleep apnea is associated with high blood pressure and heart failure; it also causes eye-related issues. Find out how your eye condition may be linked to sleep apnea.


2 months ago
New to AZ I found Estrella Mountain Eye Care via a google and VSP search, I can not recommend them enough. Everyone I encountered from front office to opticians to doctors were friendly and professional. Dr. Loe was spectacular, hands down the best eye doctor I have ever seen. He made sure I was happy and comfortable before I left taking time to answer my questions and explain everything. I highly recommend this practice!
- Darlene Q.
2 months ago
I have been a patient here for a few years now and my experience has always been great. Dr Loe is awesome! He is super friendly and explains things very well! Highly recommend Dr. Loe!
- Brody O.
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Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses, offering visual clarity and ultimate comfort!

We offer a special contact lens exam where we measure your eye's curvature to help us fit you with the most comfortable contact lenses for your eye shape and lifestyle needs.

If you have never used contact lenses before, we will gladly teach you how to use them and insert them in your eye. Once you've done it a few times, it will become second nature.


Our Designer Frames

Model wearing Calvin Klein sunglasses
Model wearing Dragon sunglasses
Model wearing Dita sunglasses
Model wearing Lindberg sunglasses